Tuesday, August 21, 2012


在【投幣機的咖啡】水壺 一文処留言如下:
1. 我記得以前星光實業「紅A牌」是香港最出名的PVC 塑膠用品牌子。港產公司多是用「啤膠機」製做水壺, polyvinyl chloride 不單只是有臭味,而且毒性高,不過那時代社会科學知識程度低,也沒有什么所謂環璄健康保護了。
2. 學生時代我沒有零用錢買汽水,所以隨身携帶水壼,有點土頭土腦,被同學冠以「水壼仔」花名。現在我勤於跑步,運動時手携水壼, 壼不離口,冬天越野滑雪更用Camelbak Hydration System ,又高科技、又夠cool,脱胎換骨,可不是当年土頭土腦的「水壼仔」啊 :O
3. 過了來加拿大之後,習慣直接從(冷)水喉取水喝,除非是露營或出國旅行,煑沸水殺菌這回事倒不是常有發生。
微豆     20 August, 2012 10:11 PM

Monday, August 20, 2012

Dead Men Don't Talk

I posted the following comments on Galaxy's article 【開槍,有感而發】:

Context/issue:  With all the recent shootings in Toronto, should parents teach their children to shut up instead of speaking up?  

There are no easy answers. Here are my suggestions:

I always remind the young ones that "dead men don't talk", meaning:  If you are dead, it doesn't really matter whether you are in the right or in the wrong.

For example:  Don't throw your body in front of the driver who is running thru the red light, even tho you have the righ-of-way. Yield then take down the license plate.

Stand up for your principle, but choose a tactic/strategy to defend it.

Haricot August 21, 2012 11:01 am HK time

Sunday, August 19, 2012

PRC's Great Leap Forward 大躍進

Photo Credit: Wikipedia 大躍進 - 宣傳海報:「以鋼為綱,全面躍進」

The following are my comments in response to Space's blog article "是否政治正確?".

>> …..大躍進 …. 土法炼钢,练出来的大多数是废钢

Back in the 1950's, PRC's Great Leap Forward 大煉鋼 program was largely based on political ideology and little on science and technology.

There are lessons to be learnt. For examples: (1) Military revolutionists were not always the best decision-makers on S&T matters. (2) Blindly toeing the party line by officials (for genuine patriotic reasons or simply out of fear) actually hurt the country.

To be fair, the PRC has made some progress in the S&T areas since the 1950's. The current leadership really has no choice but to make the right investments in a highly competitive and globalized world.

As I have not watched TVB's broadcast, I would assume that the alleged 暗諷 is more against the ideologues of the 50's.

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Freedom to Choose

Photo Credit: Wikipeida - A bottlenose dolphin breaching in the bow wave of a boat

The following are comments I posted early today on Space's blog article entitled 是否虐待不人道?



I saw wild dolphins while sailing around the Greek islands and a playful one actually jumped right out of the water for (its own) entertainment. 

On the other hand, dolphins in captivity are often trained/forced to perform for the entertainment of others. It's a master-slave relationship btwn human and a wild (as opposed to domesticated) species.

As to astronauts, Olympic Game medalists, film stars, scientists and other human beings achieving celebrity status, it's fairly difficult for them to avoid publicity these days. Show-casing his/her achievements is becoming part of the "other related duties" in a field he/she has chosen to begin with. 

Dolphins in captivity have no choice.


Link: http://mindnecessity.blogspot.ca/2012/08/blog-post_16.html